35 weeks

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal post, so I thought I’d share a brief recap of my pregnancy this far. We found out about the baby days before we left for our Hawaii trip. It was so fun to lay on the beach and day dream about what my pregnancy would be like, how we would tell our family, nursery ideas, etc. Thankfully I never got sick the first trimester, I  just had to keep a sleeve of Saltine crackers in my purse to help with some nausea.


We celebrated my first Mothers Day this year. I have never had potted plants so Brian took me shopping and let me pick out new pots and all the plants I wanted.  It was so fun. Annnnd lets just hope I take care of babies better than I do potted plants…they haven’t be looking too alive great lately.


Brian has been incredible. I mean really incredible. He surprised me by putting the crib together while I was shooting a wedding. He made a custom, built-in closet in the nursery (that’s him laying on all the lumber in the car), I have lost misplaced my wedding ring a couple of times during these past 8 months- once he had to dig through the trash, on trash day, just before the garbagemen took it away?! And he is reading baby books with me- we’ve still got a lot of reading to do in the next few weeks! He is so supportive and loving I can’t wait to watch him love on and care for our baby.
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Here’s the baby at 20 weeks (or so) At just about all the ultra sounds the baby has their hands up by their face most of the time. We did see at our last appointment that the baby has some hair!! It is always surreal seeing the baby on the screen. It doesn’t seem like I’m really looking at MY child but just some little baby on a T.V. The baby is super active, lots of kicks and turns and hiccups. I thought the feeling of the baby moving would freak me out but it has turned out to be one of my favorite things.

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We said goodbye to Brian’s 1992 Honda Accord and hello to our baby mobile! We were so thankful for the years we got out of the Honda. Brian was a trooper driving that car…no AC, no door handle on the inside, acceleration like a turtle, etc. But him being willing to drive it allowed us to save money and pay cash for the new-to-us car that will be perfect and safe for hauling the baby around.

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In August, I had the best baby shower ever! We were given so many awesome, useful and thoughtful gifts. Thanks to our friend and family, we are more than ready for the baby’s arrival!!

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Here I am just before my unexpected glucose test. I didn’t think I had to do this until the NEXT appointment but it worked out okay this way- no time to dread it. It was pretty bad but Brian set the timer and coached me through it & I passed! I’ve really had a very enjoyable pregnancy so far. As of late, I am having heart burn at night which doesn’t make it easy to sleep…I think I’m literally using every pillow in our house to prop me up. I am really looking forward to being able to sleep on my back and belly again!!

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We’ve been taking a breast feeding class and birth class though Saint Francis. Its been….interesting. We’ve learned some really great stuff & laughed a lot. During one birth class I got “the giggles” and  literally burst out laughing uncontrollably and had to leave the room to pull myself together- it was hilarious and embarrassing.  Here is Brian and I playing hangman during a break from the breast feeding class

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Brian gave me my “push present” a few weeks early. This is my favorite perfume- I ran out of it about a year ago but really wanted to have it to wear during pregnancy and when the baby arrives. Brian and I smell this perfume and are taken back to our dating days, our wedding day, our married life and now someday it will remind us of our life with a new baby.


 Here I am at 35 weeks. My sister, Lindsay is in town from Dallas and we had a yummy dinner on Rusty Crane’s patio! She is my go-to person for pregnancy and baby questions.


So we’ve got 5 weeks to go until the due date, which is Halloween- our baby’s first outfit just may be a little costume!  I think the thing I have learned the most this pregnancy is to daily preach to myself to trust in God’s plans. He started this baby’s life in me weeks before I knew what was happening- He is always close to us and at work even when we don’t feel it or notice it. I am really in awe of his creation.

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