Our Home at Christmas


Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday season is blessed with God’s grace and peace. Brian and I are particularly excited about Christmas this year since it will be our first Christmas in our new house. It has been fun taking bits from our families traditions and mixing them together into our own traditions…like our stockings…we decided to stick with the stockings we grew up using! This is the first year I’ve had a mantle. I was so excited about this.  I made this printable and just like last year, I printed it off at Office Depot for $4. I’m really lovin’ the typography. Also on the matle is our new jiggle bell accent & the Nativity. We found both of these at Hobby Lobby.





As my sister would say… This is my favorite “vignette.” I got this little lantern at a garage sale last summer and knew it would be the perfect accent some where. The cinnamon sticks are from Hobby Lobby and for some texture, I added a sprig of evergreen from a bush in our front yard.




This is also the first time I’ve had a dining room table. I tend to like simple center pieces so I used my clear glass pedestals from Target with some greenery and pinecones. Nothing too fancy and it  works well with our rustic table.


Here are some of my favorite ornaments. Brian and I made the orange & rainbow ornaments at a local glass blowing shop on our anniversary. The toy box is from my first christmas. The Tulsa ornament was from my Grandma Bennett. The glittery ‘Merry Christmas’ I bought this year at Affair of the Heart. If you haven’t been to it yet, you really should go!! And the cutie at the bottom is my adorable husband.10

I was looking a few blogs with my sister and we noticed that all their tress had pretty packages under them. Sooo00 I’m going to confess that these are not real gifts under my tree. They are random boxes I wrapped up just to look pretty! A further confession, one of the boxes is a Cheese-it box?! Anyway, I do like the way it finishes off the look and I get to enjoy having “gifts” under my tree without having to have all my shopping done. And isn’t Miles so good at posing?! Love him. 11

The garland around our big picture window is another one of my favorite decorations. I think it just think it warms up the room and is so pretty. The ‘Merry Christmas’ sign is also from the Affair of the Heart. I have tried to make my own banners and they never turn out this cute!


And just because he’s cute, here is Miles ready to come back inside the warm house!


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